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Oct 21, 2013

PNC's Grant St. Branch in Pittsburgh! Way to go

Oct 21, 2013

330 Grant St PNC branch now closed to all customers. 


Sep 25, 2013

PNC funds arts events like the Fringe Arts Festival to build their positive community-friendly image all the while financing mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia, destroying ancient and biodiverse forests, thousands of miles of streams and exposing Appalachian residents to increased rates of cancer, birth defects and poverty.

Sep 3, 2013

On behalf of the Board, I am pleased to announce that Chris Bakerevens and Matthew Armstead have agreed to an increase in hours and some adjustments to their responsibilities. We will not hire a third person at this time. 

Aug 30, 2013

It’s easy to tell an “underdog” story, and at one level it would be accurate: we’re often fighting corporations with enormously deep pockets, lots of political power, and little accountability. But there is more to it than that:  my summer as an intern with EQAT has taught me that an underdog perspective would hugely undersell the abundance of resources we have: in heart, courage, smarts, morality, and hope.

Aug 8, 2013

When the Mountains are full to bursting in the summer, the steps of gatherers, we humans, are nearly audible: collecting greens, ginseng, hickory.   And then we gathered coal. 

Aug 8, 2013

When the mountain is decimated of its most productive coal layers only the rocky layer void of any soil remains. The coal companies must “reclaim” this barren wilderness. So they spray on a green film containing grass and weed seeds

May 17, 2013

Tonight 7 Earth Quakers spotlighted Jane Pepper at an award ceremony at the Horticultural Center in Fairmount Park chanting, "Jane Pepper destroys mountains. End PNC's policy!"

May 4, 2013

Today Debbie Demchak, wife of PNC CEO William Demchak co-chairs the Spring Hat Luncheon in Pittsburgh's Schenley Park. EQATer Joni and friends greet guests asking Debbie Demchak tell Bill: STOP funding MTR! and make Appalachia green and liveable, too